Camp Witness

   Established 1944

Oh the challenges of getting camp photos to parents and family.

Camp Witness has partnered with Waldo Photos

A simple solution is here!

For the reasonable fee of $9.99 per camper, $7.99 per mini camp or $4.99 per week for Day Camp, a parent can register their child.   A discounted rate of $5.00 for additional weeks if your child is attending multiple weeks or our two week camp.  

After uploading a picture of your child, Waldo Photos software will then searches the many photos taken the week your child is at camp.  Parents will receive text notifications when new photos of their campers are uploaded and available.  You can even give access to a limited number of family or friends.  

Pick up details at sign-in or check-out, or email for information how to participate.  


If you want to get started now,  to enroll now,

Text CAMPWITNESS2019 to 735-343 and follow the prompts

For a short video on how it works, check this out.