Camp Witness

   Established 1944

Summer Staff

Every summer, Camp hires staff members to help maintain the grounds, facilitate activities, and connect with campers.

Lead Counselor/Cabin Leader:

Jr. Counselor/Jr. Cabin Leader:



Payment: Variable* (depending on responsibilities and certifications)

Comment: Cabin Leaders are what make the experience for campers. They hang out with them, keep them safe, and and pour into them like a big brother/sister.



Payment: Small stipend and encouraged to raise additional support

Comment: JCL’s wear many hats and are very vital in keeping the gears of camp rolling.

Other Summer staff positions include:

*Note: A limited number of positions at camp offer a base pay. All staff personnel are encouraged to seek to raise additional financial support to create additional income. The camp director will assist in and mentor on appropriate methods of raising additional support.


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