SYC of Northern Nebraska is a Christ-centered ministry with a passion to share Christ’s love to all while also sharing our love of the outdoors with special-needs youth.

Our missions is to empower special-needs youth to enjoy hunting and shooting sports by helping them overcome barriers found in the outdoors. We are able to do this through the use of special methods, equipment, and the assistance of volunteers who desire to share their passion for the outdoors. SYC hunters have a physical challenge, special need, or have (had) a life threatening disease or injury.


SYC provides a guided turkey hunt in the spring as well as a deer hunt in the fall, all at no cost to the hunter.

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Youth with special challenges are often left behind because of their disability. Many only hear about the exciting times their friends and family experience, while hunting in the outdoors. SYC helps these youth overcome the challenges of hunting outdoors and empowers them to succeed.

If you are interested in learning more about SYC or would like to become a volunteer please call us at:

(402) 832-5979

(402) 273-4352

All SYC events are free for the hunters and funded completely through donations and our Family Fun Days Event.

Or make donation by mail.

Make check payable to SYC and mail to:

Camp Witness

87979 Red Wing Rd

Long Pine, NE 69217